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Frquently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Analysis

Are You a GLP Facility?

CALI is an FDA registered Laboratory and, as such, is providing services in compliance with CGMP regulations and guidelines. CALI operates within strict conformance to its in-house SOPs for instruments operations, maintenance, calibration, employee training, data storage and document control.

Do You Have a QA/QC Department?

Yes. Every employee in the company is trained to maintain a high standard of quality of performance. There are no exceptions made. The company routinely checks samples for precision and accuracy and maintains compliance records and out-of-specification (OOS) investigation records.

Do You Validate Your Methods?

Yes. CALI specializes in validating methods for specific client needs.

Do You Perform Reagent (Raw Material) and USP Monograph Testing?

Yes. CALI performs USP/NF Monograph testing in a manner that is cost effective for the client.

How Long Does It Take For Method Development Based on HPLC?

CALI usually develops methods within 2 – 3 Weeks. To issue a full report including method validation, CALI requires 7 – 8 weeks.

What Types of Products Does CALI Have Experience With?

CALI has experience with a large variety of chemicals and pharmaceutical products including tablets, capsules, solutions, suspensions, creams and ointments.

Do You Have a Sample Submission Form?

Yes!  Please Click Here to Download Submission Form.

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Elemental Microanalysis

How Much of a Specific Sample Do I Need to Submit For An Accurate Analysis?

For optimal results, we require about 1.5 – 2 mg of retrievable sample for CHN analysis. (Remember: The ability to remove a sample from a container depends on the container shape and size and the sample's physical characteristics). For other elements please inquire.

Do You Have a Sample Submission form?

Yes! Please Click Here to Download Submission Form.

Note: Please complete the form in its entirety.

What is My Expected Turn – Around Time for Complete Analysis?

CHN analysis is completed within 5 days from time of sample receipt.  CALI also offer a rush service. For details call 1-888-225-4522 for details.

What is The Accuracy of The Analysis?

Usually, the accuracy for CHN is +/- 0.30%. The accuracy and precision depends on sample size and purity. Accuracy may vary for other elements.

What if The Reported Results Disagree with The Theoretical formula?

CALI analyzes samples in duplicates if customers have a reason to suspect that experimental results may disagree with theoretical range. Sample purity and stability may strongly affect the experimental results. If sample is hygroscopic or air-sensitive, it is best to specify handling inside a dry box. Light-sensitive samples should be shipped in amber vials. You may call us for specific sample shipping recommendations.

What is The Detection Limit?

For CHN the detection limit is about 0.1% unless sample size is sufficiently large to allow a detection limit of 0.05%. Metals can be detected to lower limits, such as in the ppm or ppb range, depending on sample size and the specific sensitivity of the metal in question.


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